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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2020 ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2020

ROHM Theatre Kyoto 2020 Lineup

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2020

Opening in January 2016 with the aim of building a theatre culture in the city of Kyoto, ROHM Theatre Kyoto will already celebrate its fifth anniversary in January 2021.

From January to March of that year, we will hold a special series of events called the ROHM Theatre Kyoto 5th Anniversary Program that harnesses the experiences and networks cultivated until now. Needless to say, the next year will see us continue our efforts to present superb performances of a global standard from all over the world as well as produce new work that can form the assets of our theatre and contribute to training and developing the next generation of artists. In partnership with various institutions and organizations in Kyoto, we will create diverse encounters in the hub that is our theatre through a wide-ranging program that brings together people from different generations and backgrounds.

What does it mean for people to assemble on an everyday basis at a theatre? We have worked toward this in an open way and welcomed a great many people to make this a reality. As such, now the time has come for us to think again about the meaning of that question.

ROHM Theatre Kyoto aspires to be open not just as a facility but also in terms of its content. This means that is accessible to people with a variety of interests and concerns. It means that it listens to and must highlight not only the loud voices, the voices of the many, but also other types of voices. Doing so, we can prepare opportunities for unexpected encounters for everyone that will create new dialogue... The activities that appear at ROHM Theatre Kyoto accumulate and yet more people gravitate to it.

When imagining the next five or ten years, I dream that this cycle has expanded out of the theatre. The people who visited or were involved with ROHM Theatre Kyoto have moved on to other fields, the experiences they acquired at the theatre coming into effect and fostering new realizations and changes. This is what I hope will happen. And when something from a “theatre” spreads slowly in this way throughout society, this is what we can truly call a “theatre culture.”

1 April 2020
Yusuke Hashimoto (Program Director)






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