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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2023 Lineup

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2023 Lineup

2023 Lineup: A Journey of Encounters, and Their Intersection

Seven years have now passed since ROHM Theatre Kyoto reopened with the mission of building a theatre culture. But what does this aim mean in concrete terms? And how should we define theatre culture? We believe it means programming a wide range of events and productions, and running a theatre venue to debate and explore these questions with artists, audiences, and others. While the outline and image of a theatre culture is there, a definite definition is still difficult, perhaps revealing the importance and scale of our mission. If we focus on the “building” part, we can reaffirm this as meaning not the maintenance of a theatre culture that is already established or exists but as engaging in the creation of a future one. It means to seek out a new community centering on a theatre and continuing to expand the role of a theatre venue toward goals that renew and which each and every one of us conceives. Always en route to our destination, we will share with you spaces and opportunities for interactions and encounters along the way.

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2023 Lineup: Six Categories

  • 1│New Productions

    ROHM Theatre Kyoto aspires to harness its role as a venue that not only hosts productions but also produces new ones in partnership with artists from Japan and beyond, in this way building up a body of work to serve as the theatre’s legacy.
  • 2│City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra Program

    ROHM Theatre Kyoto is the second hall affiliated with the City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. The theatre strives to expand the appeal of the orchestra through not only presenting musical concerts but also collaborations with other types of events.
  • 3│Continuing the Traditional Performing Arts

    The theatre shares the appeal of traditional Japanese performing arts by introducing old forms of performance like buyo, noh, bunraku, and gagaku as well as local folk performances in unique ways.
  • 4│ROHM Theatre Kyoto Selection

    The theatre presents superb examples of the performing arts from Japan and beyond. It also supports the work of the next generation of talent and holds programs in partnership with various other Kyoto-based venues and organizations like Kyoto Experiment.
  • 5│Learning

    In addition to developing learning programs suitable for elementary, junior high, and high school students, the theatre conducts research and holds lectures on the performing arts, as such fulfilling its role as a place for creativity and practice.
  • 6│Community

    Through activities that take place outside the halls and programs closely tied to various lifestyles, the theatre aims to energize the local area and deepen its partnerships with other facilities and organizations in Kyoto’s Okazak i community.

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