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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program


Sangatsu ¿Music?

2021.2.19 (FRI) – 2.20 (SAT)

Music North Hall (and other locations)
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2021.02.03|The starting time of Friday 19 February has been changed to 6:00 pm due to the coronavirus.
  • Sangatsu ¿Music?

  • Sangatsu ¿Music?

The debut performances at ROHM Theatre Kyoto for Sangatsu, a band that continues to push the boundaries of music!


2021.2.19 (FRI) – 2.20 (SAT)

Friday 19 February 2021 (6:00 pm),
Saturday 20 February 2021 (3:30 pm)

Venue : North Hall (and other locations)


Formed in Tokyo in 1997, Sangatsu made its debut with a self-titled album produced by Jim O’Rourke. It aspires to create broadly sound-based expression that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of music. It collaborates regularly with other artists in theatre, dance, film, and more. Engaging in projects that present rules (platforms) and systems for making sound as artworks, and waiving the copyright on the five years of work it produced after 2012, the band’s activities focused on the relationship between music tracks and listeners have garnered much attention.
It has recently turn to the power that places of play have, creating music in the manner of making new forms of play in a plaza. The group has performed overseas in many cities including Berlin, Beijing, and Seoul. It rehearses without fail every Sunday.
Members: Atsuhiro Koizumi (guitar), Sotaro Kojima (guitar), Hiroki Chiba (bass guitar), Ichiro Shukuya (drums), Hiroki Togashi (drums), Yuji Tanaka (drums)

Presented by Sangatsu
Co-presented by ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation)




Ticket Prices

Advance: ¥3,000
Same day: ¥3,500

Tickets on Sale

2020.12.12 (SAT)

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