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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program

Thinking About the Now Talk Series

4 sessions in 2021
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  • Thinking About the Now Talk Series

This series of talks is held in tandem with issues of the theatre’s magazine, ASSEMBLY. Exploring topics for reinterpreting and learning about contemporary society from various angles, the talks feature a range of guests from related fields. How should we live today in a society that continues to grow increasingly complex and confusing? This talk series sets out to consider this question and search for answers.

Vol.1 Creative Living in the Aging Society
Vol.2 Majority Rule and Democracy: Expressing “Our” Wishes
Vol.3 Possibility of artistic expression that connects sexual minority and society (JP Only)
Vol.4 The future of AI (artificial intelligence) and music (JP Only)
Vol.5 Looking at another person called "family"(JP Only)
Vol.6 The Imperial Gaze: "Human Exhibitions" and Expo (JP Only)
Vol.7The future of you and my fungus(JP Only)
Vol.8 On the relationship between disability and art(JP Only)
Vol.9 Tourism and urban mobility and art(JP Only)
Vol.10 Between tourism and settling-for whom "urban design"?(JP Only)
Vol.11【Held online】Performing Arts Archive Present-Practices and Challenges in Higher Education Institutions(JP Only)
Vol.12【Held online】Art and Money-Post Corona Cultural Arts Support(JP Only)
Vol.13 Nihon Buyo Dance Film: Nihon Buyo Neo’s Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and Dance / Thinking About the Now Talk Series Special Ver.
Vol.14Hamburg Ballet Screening / Thinking About the Now Talk Series Special Ver.
Vol.15Future Creativity and Viewing the Performing Arts: Collaborating with People with Disabilities
Vol.16 How Can Artists Confront an Age of Anger and Morality?
Vol.17 In Praise of Co-dining: Possibilities for Loose Communities
Vol.18 Relocating, Living: Diversity in Japan Created by Travel
Vol.19 Updating Theatre-Making from the Perspectives of Care and Feminism