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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2021 Lineup

Six categories of ROHM Theatre Kyoto 2021-22 Season Program

  • ①Production, Creation and Collaboration

    By producing new works that will become the assets of our theatre and collaborating with artists in and outside Japan, a variety of programs is presented to make ROHM Theatre Kyoto a place to create.
  • ②City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra Program

    ROHM Theatre Kyoto is the second resident venue for City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra’s values and possibilities will be expanded not only through classical musical programs but also collaborations with artists from other fields.
  • ③Inheriting Traditional Theatre

    In order to convey the fascination of traditional theatre, various forms of traditional performances are introduced from distinctive viewpoints, including local folklore performances that have been passed on in different regions, as well as more classical performances such as Japanese dance, Noh, Bunraku and Gagaku.
  • ④ROHM Theatre Kyoto Selection

    Presenting a wide range of selected works in performing arts; from the program to support the next generation to KYOTO EXPERIMENT and other projects that are organised in partnership with various venues and groups in Kyoto.
  • ⑤Learning Program

    As well as preparing different development programs that correspond to different age groups from primary school to high-school years, lectures and research programs are conducted in a close relationship with creation and actual practices of creative activity.
  • ⑥Community Program

    Programs include ones that are closely linked to diverse lifestyles and others that go beyond the theatre building, which all aim to deepen the partnerships with various venues and organisations in the Okazaki area and other parts of Kyoto, leading to the revitalisation of the whole region.

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