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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2018 ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2018

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program 2018


This year marks the third since the theatre reopened in January 2016 and the second regular season. Aspiring to build up a theatre culture in Kyoto, we have continued to offer a wide range of programs engaged with our plans. In addition to presenting superb performing arts of a global standard, from both the East and West, we have also put our efforts into producing new work that can form the assets of the theatre as well as the development of artists who can be the leaders for the next generation. Moreover, in partnership with various facilities and organizations in Kyoto, we have transformed the theatre into a hub for diverse encounters, exchange, and dialogue through vibrant programs accessible to all regardless of generation or tastes. We aim to create a cycle whereby these activities at ROHM Theatre Kyoto accumulate and attract, stimulating interesting and bringing people to ROHM Theatre Kyoto on an everyday and long-term basis.

Program Concept

The Time We Share: On the ROHM Theatre Kyoto 2018 Program

A theatre does not exist merely as a physical building; it is also a plaza where people come and go within the flow of the times. The here and now is the point of intersection between historical perspectives with a long-term view and spatial perspectives enclosed in a global view, while the place where this can be experienced is what we might call a “theatre” in its essential sense as something transcending the “live.” Through the performing arts I want to reflect on the meaning of the things shared by people affiliated with a community that has continued to inherit culture across the ages, or by contemporaries around the world. As such, we will return to the classics of both East and West, and examine the meaning of their repeated revival as a repertoire as well as their value in offering inspiration for new creativity. At the same time, gaining various perspectives for nurturing artworks and the relationship between artworks and society, we will experiment with different methods in the unique style of ROHM Theatre Kyoto and uncover the role that a theatre should play.

Yusuke Hashimoto
Program Director






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