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2020.12.16 公演・イベントその他

ダムタイプ 新作パフォーマンス「 2020 」映像配信決定のお知らせ/Dumb Type New Performance 2020 – Online Streaming

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本作はKYOTO STEAM―世界文化交流祭―2020のプログラムのひとつとして、2020年3月に上演予定でしたが、新型コロナウイルス感染症感染拡大防止のため中止したパフォーマンス作品で、このたび、無観客で収録、編集したものを配信します。今年10月に行った上映会では、会場全体から音を響かせるなど、圧倒的な空間を作り上げたダムタイプ。配信映像にも、ご期待ください。



配信日時:2020年12月25日(金)10:00 ~ 27日(日)23:59【日本時間】






共催:KYOTO STEAM-世界文化交流祭-実行委員会






2020年12月 ダムタイプ


It was then screened in the theater last October, and the artist collective created an environment where the audience can be immersed in sound. The work is the outcome of contemplation and insight into the conditions we face today. This epic piece reminds us at the end of the year that we live at a dramatic point in history. We hope the video will inspire the audience. 


Dumb Type New Performance 2020 – Online Streaming

Dates: From 10:00 am on December 25th, Friday to 11:59 pm on December 27th, Sunday (JST)

Link: ROHM Theatre Kyoto Official YouTube Channel *Free

2020 / Japan / 65 minutes                    

Produced by Dumb Type, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Thanks to Takenaka Co., Ltd.
Organized by ROHM Theatre Kyoto


Message from the Artists

Our new performance 2020 was scheduled to be introduced in March, 2020 on stage but was cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It’s been a long time since we created a new piece and we were very excited about the opportunity to showcase it in Kyoto. When we started the production in 2018, we couldn’t have imagined the world we are experiencing today with a previously unknown virus spreading across the globe. However, through a year and half of the collective production process, the work has developed into reflecting various phenomena we face today – globalization, social networks, a highly networked information society, mass surveillance, AI, communication and more.

How will this new virus change mankind? Could it be an opportunity for us to shift the competition among nations in the current globalized economy and to think about the value of solidarity where all the components work jointly? Would it shed a light on our means of communication? 

Last but not least, we thank you for ROHM Theatre Kyoto and all the people who made the video distribution of the piece possible.

Dumb Type / December, 2020