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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Series: Traditional Performing Arts as Stage Art Vol. 1

“Ikkyo Ichido”

Tue, 20 Feb. 2018


This newly launched series aspires to pass on traditional performing arts as a living stage art. For the first year, Onoe Kikunojo, the fourth head (Iemoto) head of the Onoe school, serves as overall supervisor. Themed around Buyo (traditional Japanese dance), the program features Noh, Kamigata-mai and Kabuki Buyo as well as talks with the performers.



Tue, 20 Feb. 2018


South Hall



The kannushi (shrine priest) and miko (shrine maiden) of Ise Grand Shrine dance for the imperial envoy, who has come from Kyoto to visit the shrine. The performance is a prayer for peace and also extols the virtues of the shrine deity. Enjoy a performance in the inimitably resplendent and agile Kongo style.


Tamatori Ama

Fusasaki, a high-ranking minister, comes to Shikoku to hold a memorial service for his dead mother. By chance he meets an ama (female pearl diver) and hears a sublime tale of maternal love and dedication. Strongly influenced by Noh and Bunraku, this remarkable performance conveys the quintessence of the Onoe school style of Kyoto Buyo.


Musume Dojo-ji

Based on the Noh play “Dojoji,” this is a major work in the Kabuki Buyo canon that is said to be the pinnacle of Onnagata Buyo (dance performed by men playing women’s roles). It weaves a dazzling tapestry of women and love through colorful costumes and props.


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Cast & Crew

  • Supervisor

    Onoe Kikunojo

  • Cast

    Tatsunori Kongo, Yasuko Inoue, Kazutaro Nakamura (Tokuho Azuma)


Presented by

Kyoto City, ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation)

Supported by

the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017