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Ningyo Joruri Bunraku

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program


【Performance canceled】ROHM Theatre Kyoto Traditional Theatre as Contemporary Performing Arts Vol. 3:
Ningyo Joruri Bunraku

2020.2.29 (SAT)

Theatre South Hall
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2020.02.28|This performance has been canceled due to the coronavirus. For ticket refunds, please click here (Japanese only) or inquire by telephone (ROHM Theatre Kyoto, 075-771-6051).
  • 【Performance canceled】ROHM Theatre Kyoto Traditional Theatre as Contemporary Performing Arts Vol. 3:  Ningyo Joruri Bunraku

The third in a series of performances aiming to pass on and create new developments in traditional performing arts focuses on Bunraku.

Starting in 2017, the ROHM Theatre Kyoto Traditional Performing Arts as Stage Art Series aspires to foster further advances in traditional forms of Japanese performance while also pass them onto the next generation. This latest iteration welcomes Kinoshita-Kabuki’s Yuichi Kinoshita as the supervisor and deals with puppet theatre. This remarkable performance is staged by such eminent masters from Japanese traditional performing arts as Kanjuro Kiritake III, the most distinguished puppeteer in Japan today. A discussion with the practitioners and specialists follows the performance.


2020.2.29 (SAT)

Venue : South Hall


Cast and Creative

Performers: Kanjuro Kiritake and supporting cast
Chanters: Tsukomadayu Takemoto, Hirotayu Takemoto, and more
Shamisen: Keisuke Tsuruzawa, Tozo Tsurusawa, and more
Puppeteers: Kanjuro Kiritake, Tamao Yoshida, Kanya Yoshida, and more
Supervisor: Yuichi Kinoshita
Performances: “Tsume Moyou Yumeji no Kadomatsu,” “Konoshitakage Hazama Gassen” (Takenaka Toride no Dan)


Kanjuro Kiritake

Kanjuro Kiritake

Born in 1953 in Osaka, Kanjuro Kiritake’s father was the Living National Treasure puppeteer Kanjuro Kiritake II and his sister is the actor Kyoko Mitsubayashi. In 1967, he became a trainee puppeteer at the Bunraku-kyokai and studied under Living National Treasure Minosuke Yoshida. The following year he made his stage debut at the Osaka Mainichi Hall. He performs with puppets in male roles that he learned from his father as well as female roles that he learned from a famous master of such roles. In 2003, he assumed his stage name of Kanjuro Kiritake. In addition to his performance work, he leads workshops, premieres new work, and runs the Nose Ningyojoruri Rokkakuze puppet theatre. He was the recipient of the 2008 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Art Encouragement Prize. His many other accolades include the Medal with Purple Ribbon, 66th Japan Art Academy Prize, and the 38th Traditional Culture Pola Prize for Excellence.

Yuichi Kinoshita

Yuichi Kinoshita

Born in 1985 in Wakayama City, Yuichi Kinoshita heard Kamigata Rakugo when he was in third grade of elementary school, inspiring him to start teaching himself Rakugo and leading to his interests in classical theatre as well as the contemporary stage. In 2006, he established the company Kinoshita-Kabuki, which stages updates on classic Japanese plays that Kinoshita himself directs, revises, and supervises. Its revival of “Sannin Kichisa” in 2015 was nominated for a Yomiuri Theatre Award for the first half of 2015. His 2016 staging of “Kanjincho” earned him the Agency for Cultural Affairs New Artist Award. He was a recipient of a Kyoto City Arts and Culture Special Encouragement Grant in 2017. He is a junior fellow of the Saison Foundation. He works prolifically as a writer and educator about traditional performing arts. His recent output includes revisions to the Shibuya Cocoon Kabuki production “Kirare Yosa” in 2018.

Presented by Kyoto City, ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation)
Planned and produced by ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Production support from Kinoshita-Kabuki, Juraisha
Special Sponsor: Inamori Foundation
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in fiscal 2019



ROHM Theatre Kyoto TEL:075-771-6051


Ticket Prices

Reserved seating
1F: ¥6,000
1F (25 and Under): ¥4,000
2F: ¥4,000
2F (25 and Under): ¥2,000
On sale: Wednesday 16 October 2019
For 25 and Under tickets, proof of age is required when collecting tickets from the box office before the performance.

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