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L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima

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Théâtre du Soleil
L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima

2023.11.4 (SAT) – 11.5 (SUN)

Theatre Main Hall
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2023.09.21|The acting workshop has reached its capacity, so we will accept a waiting list.
  • Théâtre du Soleil L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima

  • Théâtre du Soleil L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima

    © Michèle Laurent

  • Théâtre du Soleil L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima

    © Michèle Laurent

The legendary French theatre company Théâtre du Soleil, led by Kyoto Prize winner Ariane Mnouchkine postponed by the pandemic and marking Théâtre du Soleil’s second visit to Japan, and its first in twenty-two years and first ever to Kansai!

Now in its fifty-ninth year, France’s Théâtre du Soleil is one of the leading theatre companies in the world, having created numerous internationally acclaimed masterpieces that innovatively explore the possibilities of theatre. Adopting a fundamentally non-hierarchical management style and collective approach to creativity, the company has continued to reinvent the performing arts by drawing on traditional forms of performance from different cultures and eras.

Its body of work reveals the influence of Japanese performing arts traditions like noh, kabuki, and bunraku, which fascinated the director Ariane Mnouchkine early in her career. L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima was greatly inspired by and conceived out of Mnouchkine’s visit to various places in Japan, including Sado Island, and further developed out of research and exchanges during her stay in Japan to receive the 2019 Kyoto Prize, and workshops held with Japanese noh practitioners and theatre professionals during the coronavirus pandemic. Though originally planned for autumn 2021, the performances were canceled due to the pandemic. Two years later, audiences finally have their chance to witness this incredible spectacle. This production, which premiered at the company’s theatre La Cartoucherie near Paris in November 2021 to great acclaim, marks Théâtre du Soleil’s first visit to Japan in twenty-two years and its first ever performances in Kansai.

*Played in French with multilingual scenes with Japanese subtitles(English subtitles available in 2F seating area)


2023.11.4 (SAT) – 11.5 (SUN)

2 pm

Venue : Main Hall

Performance Time:3 hours and 15 minutes including an interval



Created collectively by the Théâtre du Soleil
Directed by Ariane Mnouchkine (2019 Kyoto Prize laureate)
In Harmony with Hélène Cixous
Music by Jean-Jacques Lemêtre
Performed by the Théâtre du Soleil

Théâtre du Soleil

©︎Pascal Gallepe

Théâtre du Soleil

Founded in France in 1964, Théâtre du Soleil (Theatre of the Sun) is based at La Cartoucherie, a former munitions factory located in a Paris suburb, and known for its uniquely collective approach to creativity. It attracted global attention with 1789 (1970), dealing with the French Revolution and staged in a highly innovative theatrical style. Its wide-ranging repertoire includes classics, masque, and works about contemporary issues like the refugees. It first toured to Japan in 2001, staging Tambours sur la Digue at the New National Theatre, Tokyo, and causing a stir with its bold use of Asian puppetry, especially Japanese bunraku.

Ariane Mnouchkine

© Inamori Foundation

Ariane Mnouchkine

Born in Paris in 1939 as the daughter of a Russian film producer father, Ariane Mnouchkine enjoyed a cultural upbringing. In 1959, while a student at the Sorbonne, she founded the theatre troupe Association Théâtrale des Étudiants de Paris (Parisian Students’ Theatrical Association), which later developed into Théâtre du Soleil in 1964. The previous year, she visited Japan and the experience of her trip had a major influence on her subsequent theatre career. Based at La Cartoucherie in a Parisian suburb, Théâtre du Soleil is known for its uniquely collective approach to creativity. Under the leadership of Mnouchkine, it has staged many notable productions of classics and contemporary theatre. As a film director, her work includes 1789 and Molière, and she also actively engages in making film adaptations of the company’s stage productions. She has taken her École Nomade itinerant theatre school around the world, helping to nurture young theatrical talent. In 2019, she was awarded the 35th Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy in recognition of her long career and achievements.

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Young audiences at age 18 and below are invited to see this performance for free!

  • Presented by ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation), Kyoto City

  • Co-presented by The Kyoto Shimbun

  • Special Sponsorship by Inamori Foundation

  • Sponsored by LVMH and supported by Institut français in Paris
    Sponsored by CHANEL G.K.
    Cooperated by the Embassy of France in Japan/ Institut français du Japon

  • Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal

  • Nominal support by Kyoto City Board of Education

  • Japan tour jointly organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

Théâtre du Soleil acting workshop – Call for participants

Tokyo performance 2023.10.20 (FRI) – 10.26 (THU) Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Playhouse *23(MON)Off

Tokyo performance 2023.10.20 (FRI) – 10.26 (THU) Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Playhouse *23(MON)Off

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