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Main Hall

  • Stage(With Stage Wing)

    PHOTO:Shigeo Ogawa

    Stage(With Stage Wing)

  • Audience Seats

    PHOTO:Shigeo Ogawa

    Audience Seats

  • Stage(With Reflection Boards)

    PHOTO:Shigeo Ogawa

    Stage(With Reflection Boards)

  • 1st Floor Balcony

    PHOTO:Shigeo Ogawa

    1st Floor Balcony

  • 4th Floor Balcony

    PHOTO:Shigeo Ogawa

    4th Floor Balcony

This large hall can seat around 2,000 across four balcony levels. With its deep stage and tall wings, it is suitable for a wide range of performances, including opera.It is also suitable for various kinds of concerts using electro-acoustic equipment and sound reflector boards, as well as conventions and many other types of events.

The facilities at ROHM Theatre Kyoto are available to rent for theater, dance, music performances, lectures, and other events. There are separate rental fees for the venue and the equipment. Please for further information.