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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program


The Mother and her Planets and the Record of Women Rotating on their Axis Dates:

2019.4.13 (SAT) – 4.14 (SUN)

Theatre South Hall
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  • The Mother and her Planets and the Record of Women Rotating on their Axis Dates:

Winner of the 20th Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award!

This is the highly anticipated revival of a play about the lives of four women, written by Ryuta Horai and directed by Tamiya Kuriyama. First staged in 2016 by Kuriyama, a director working prolifically in Japan as well as South Korea and elsewhere, from a script by Horai, who won the Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 2009 for “Mahoroba,” the ambitious play received the Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award and here returns for audiences to catch it again. The play deals with the universal themes of life and the family in its various forms. Horai’s portrayal of a family centered on four women highlights the distinctly ambivalent sense of love and hate that lies concealed within mother-daughter relationships, while Kuriyama’s deep insights into humanity craft a portrait of a sad yet loving family and the way women live. The stunning cast includes Tomoko Tabata and Midoriko Kimura, who both have connections to Kyoto, as well as Kyoko Yoshine and Anne Suzuki, whose stars have continued to rise in recent years. Together they bring to memorable life this drama about the emotional struggles between a mother and her daughters.


2019.4.13 (SAT) – 4.14 (SUN)

Saturday 13 April 2019 13:00 / 18:00 Sunday 14 April 2019 13:00

Venue : South Hall



Written by Ryuta Horai

Directed by Tamiya Kuriyama

Cast: Kyoko Yoshine, Anne Suzuki, Tomoko Tabata, Midoriko Kimura


One month after the sudden death of their mother. How can the daughters say goodbye? Left by their mother during their childhood to take their own course and growing up not knowing their father, these three sisters now depart Nagasaki with the ashes of their mother but no destination. Their heads echo with what their mother used to say almost daily. Gradually their respective memories of their mother come back to life: a woman who lived without restraints, yet suddenly left them. What did she want from life? Where should we now go? The three sisters continue their journey of self-inquiry…

Planned and produced by PARCO
Presented by Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation and Sunrise Promotion Osaka
Co-presented by ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation)

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