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chelfitsch “Five Days in March” Re-creation

2018.1.30 (TUE) – 2.4 (SUN)

Theatre North Hall
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The theatre company chelfitsch has garnered international expectations with each premiere. Commemorating two decades of activities, chelfitsch now looks back to this major example of its early work that won the 49th Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 2005. It will be revived here in a specially adapted version with a cast of entirely new actors in their mid-twenties selected by auditions.


2018.1.30 (TUE) – 2.4 (SUN)

Venue : North Hall

Start time 1/30(Tue) 1/31(Wed) 2/1(Thu) 2/2(Fri) 2/3(Sat) 2/4(Sun)
14:00     ◎(E)★  
19:30 ○(E) ○(E)★ ○(E)★ ○★    

※Doors open 30 minutes before.

★=Post-show talk (Japanese only)

(E)=English surtitled performance (visibility limited to certain seats)

◎=Childcare service available (¥1,000, limited availability, reservation required)

Tel: 075-212-7555 (weekdays: 9:30–17:30)

Reserve online or by email. Inquire for further information.



Written and Directed by Toshiki Okada
Cast: Chieko Asakura, Riki Ishikura, Yuri Itabashi, Ayaka Shibutani, Ayaka Nakama, Leon Kou Yonekawa, Manami Watanabe

Director’s Statement

“Five Days in March” is set in Tokyo during March 2003, around when the Iraq War started, a time that now seems long ago. This play from a decade ago will be staged in a new style with a cast of seven young (and dynamic) performers. I will also make surprisingly large numbers of revisions to the script. What will performing “Five Days in March” in the Japan of 2018 stir up?
Toshiki Okada

Five Days in March

This play portrays the everyday lives of young people over five days in March 2003, during which the American military began its aerial bombardment of Iraq. It is a major example of the signature style of chelfitsch, showcasing an exciting relationship that emerges between the play text, which retains the colloquial speech of young people, and the bodies of the performers, which enact exaggerated yet seemingly unconscious physical movements in response to the language. This marked a turning point in contemporary Japanese drama, fundamentally overturning the conventional structures of theatre. It won the 49th Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 2005. Following its overseas premiere in 2007 at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, it has been staged in over 30 cities worldwide, and presented its 100th performance at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre in 2011.


Established in 1997, chelfitsch is a theatre company that stages the plays of writer and director Toshiki Okada. It marks its 20th anniversary this year. Acclaimed for its use of movement and a distinctive argot to explore the relationship between language and the body, chelfitsch is regarded today around the globe as one of the leading contemporary theatre groups in Japan. Following the overseas premiere of “Five Days in March” in 2007, it has since staged productions in 70 cities worldwide. In recent years, it has also received many commissions from international festivals. It premiered “Time’s Journey Through a Room” at ROHM Theatre Kyoto’s North Hall in 2016 as part of Kyoto Experiment 2016 Spring, attracting much attention domestically and internationally. This production marks its first return to the venue in approximately two years.

chelfitsch web site

Presented by

ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation), Kyoto City

Planned and produced by


Supported by

the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017


chelftisch, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre


ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Tel: +81 (0)75-746-3201


Ticket Prices

Unreserved seating
25 and Under: ¥2,500 (limited availability, in advance only)
Same Day: ¥4,000

*No admission for preschoolers.

Tickets on Sale

2017.10.14 (SAT)