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Facilities and services for the disabled

Wheelchair Rental

The Main Hall and South Hall has dedicated areas for audiences in wheelchairs. Please see each hall map for more information.(Please be aware that spaces may not be available for certain performances.)
Wheelchairs are available for visitors to use at no cost.

Parking spaces for wheelchair users

Two parking spaces are available for wheelchair users or those with mobility impairments.

Accessible toilets

Accessible (barrier-free) toilets are available throughout the theatre on all floors (thirteen locations, including the foyers).
Include ostomate-compatible facilities, diaper changing table, baby chair, multipurpose seat
(approx. 150 × 60 cm, only available at the ground-floor promenade north-side toilet)

Support available for watching performance

For Visually Impaired Audiences

Audio Description

Audio description is a system for providing audiences with information about what is happening onstage in real time, such as the stage design and lighting as well as what characters are wearing and doing. Audio-described performances allow audiences to continue to hear the regular sounds onstage live while receiving additional descriptions at appropriate points to supplement their experience. (Currently only available in Japanese.)For further information and reservations, please see each production page.

For Hearing-Impaired Audiences

Portable Caption Devices

Text-Based Support

Portable devices for viewing captions and stage surtitles (written descriptions) are available. They allow audiences to follow the dialogue in a written format and also display descriptions of sound effects, noises, and music. Audiences can watch what is happening onstage while referring to the displayed text.For further information and reservations, please see each production page.

Hearing Loop

hearing loop (also known as an audio induction loop) is a system for amplifying onstage sounds by relaying them from a transmitter to special headset. Audiences who use telecoil hearing aids or cochlear implants can receive the sounds from the transmitter without the special headset.For further information and reservations, please see each production page.

Childcare Service

Childcare Service

Childcare is available for audiences with young children so that they can better enjoy performances.For ages: from 3 months up to school age
Fee: ¥1,000 (per person and performance)
Fee may vary for certain performances.
For further information and reservations, please see each production page.

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When asking for information about accessibilities by fax or email, please contact us with details of your requirements in the form below. After confirming the contents, we will contact you again.

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