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Divadlo Alfa from the Czech Republic

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program


Play! Theatre in Summer 2020 Stage Program
The 100th Anniversary of Japan-Czech Republic Relations in 2020

【Performance canceled】ATTENTION, ZORRO!
Divadlo Alfa from the Czech Republic

2020.8.9 (SUN)

Music Theatre North Hall
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2020.06.05|This performances canceled for the prevention of coronavirus.
  • 【Performance canceled】ATTENTION, ZORRO!Divadlo Alfa from the Czech Republic

  • 【Performance canceled】ATTENTION, ZORRO!Divadlo Alfa from the Czech Republic

From the Czech Republic, a country renowned for its puppet theatre, comes a company with a long history and a show perfect for kids during the summer holidays!

From the rich world of Czech puppetry, inscribed as an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, comes this most thrilling show by Divadlo Alfa. The latest creation by Tomáš Dvořák is a retelling of the internationally famed Mexican legend of Zorro by classical marionettes and master musicians in the style of mariachi (Mexican folk musicians). The result is a fast-paced, funny performance that unfolds to the fun rhythms of live music. Conveying the popular story of Zorro the masked vigilante with just a minimum of words, this is a show that provides a memorable highlight for children in the summer holidays.


2020.8.9 (SUN)

11 am, 3 pm

Venue : North Hall



Zorro, a true gentleman who confounds the powerful and rescues the weak. Look for his symbol, the “Z” that he leaves behind after he has gone! One day, the beautiful young woman Isabella is courted by a soldier. Moreover, her parents arrange for her marriage to the prodigal son of a landowner. But who does Isabella really love? Not this macho soldier nor this bashful prodigal son. No, it’s the mysterious Zorro, a kind-hearted and gentlemanly fugitive. And after many twists and turns, the true identity of Zorro is finally revealed…

Divadlo Alfa

Divadlo Alfa

Renowned for its arts and culture as well as historical towns that include several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Czech Republic also boasts a long and rich tradition of puppetry. The city of Pilsen is particularly famed as a center of Czech puppetry, producing such respected talents as the puppet artist Josef Skupa and the puppet-maker and film director Jiří Trnka. The Pilsen-based Divadlo Alfa, also known as Alfa Theatre, is the greatest of Czech puppetry companies, captivating audiences around the world with its incredible artistry and entertaining style. Alongside a repertory of traditional Czech performances, it continues to create entirely new shows based on source material from other cultures including Shakespeare and Pushkin.

Presented by ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation), Kyoto City
In cooperation with PUK Puppet Theatre


ROHM Theatre Kyoto  TEL:075-746-3201



Ticket Prices

Unreserved seating
Adults: ¥2,500
Children (18 or Under): ¥1,000
1 Adult + 1 Child Pair Tickets: ¥3,000
On sale: June 2020 (TBC)


2020.5.9 (SAT)

Tickets on Sale

2020.5.16 (SAT)

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