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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program

ROHM Theatre Kyoto & Kyoto City Youth Service Foundation Joint Project

My Future: Working in a Theatre

Dates: July–August 2019
Venue: Rohm Square
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  • My Future: Working in a Theatre

  • My Future: Working in a Theatre

This program for young people interested in future careers in the theatre introduces the kind of work that goes on at a theatre facility and lets participants try doing it for themselves. The program this year offers practical experience at performances for children aged between zero and three and accompanying adults as well as the Play! Theatre in Summer main series of events, which use the entire ROHM Theatre venue. In this way, the program aims to increase participants’ interest in the theatre and provide them with more concrete ideas for the future.

Dates: July–August 2019

Presented by ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation), Kyoto City Youth Service Foundation, Kyoto City


ROHM Theatre Kyoto TEL:075-771-6051