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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program


Play! Theatre in Summer Open Day

2019.8.17 (SAT) – 8.18 (SUN)

Music Dance Art/Film/Video All Spaces
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  • Play! Theatre in Summer Open Day

  • Play! Theatre in Summer Open Day

    (C)Toshiaki Nakatani

  • Play! Theatre in Summer Open Day

    (C)Toshiaki Nakatani

  • Play! Theatre in Summer Open Day

    (C)Toshiaki Nakatani

ROHM Theatre Kyoto’s summer holidays program for families and friends

Two days packed with a performative installation, workshops for kids, a children's disco event, theatre tours, and more. From grown-ups to youngsters, get the most out of ROHM Theatre Kyoto with these fun and informal events. Ideal for outings with friends and family. Performative visual media installation (new work by Daisuke Yamashiro) Cool Kids Disco (Masako Yasumoto and others) Picture drawing (Tonakai Signs) And other events


2019.8.17 (SAT) – 8.18 (SUN)

Venue : All Spaces


Daisuke Yamashiro

Visual artist and filmmaker, Daisuke Yamashiro was born in 1983 in Osaka Prefecture. In his practice, he applies concepts of time in video to a space or project, developing a site-specific experience of time as artworks. In 2006, he formed the art collective Nadegata Instant Party with Tohru Nakazaki and Tomoko Noda, presenting participatory projects at art museums and arts festivals around Japan. He served as an educator at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, developing and conducting original workshops as well as producing numerous educational programs from 2006 to 2009. His installation piece “VIDERE DECK” was a Jury Selection at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival. His major exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing 2016: My Body, Your Voice.” In 2018, he launched NENNE: A Social Place for Children and Adults, a collaborative project aimed at youngsters.

Masako Yasumoto

Dancer and choreographer, Masako Yasumoto has continued to stage her own performances widely at home and abroad. Not only dance, she also works across other disciplines and fields, including theatre, music, video/film, and fashion. She relocated to Fukuoka in order to create a standalone piece in 2012, after which she moved to Kyoto in 2015. Her practice also encompasses activities rooted in the community, such as workshops with local corporations and elementary schools.

Presented by ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation), Kyoto City


ROHM Theatre Kyoto TEL:075-771-6051


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No reservation required (admission charged for some events)