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ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program


Repertory Premiere

Kinoshita-Kabuki “Shinju Ten no Amijima (The Love Suicides at Amijima)”

2017.10.5 (THR) – 10.9 (MON)

Theatre North Hall
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  • Kinoshita-Kabuki “Shinju Ten no Amijima (The Love Suicides at Amijima)”

Kinoshita-Kabuki brings Kabuki thrillingly into the present day with its inventive adaptations of the classics. Admired by both contemporary theatre and traditional performance fans, Kinoshita-Kabuki now makes its long-awaited debut at ROHM Theatre Kyoto with a two-year repertory residence. The project kicks off with a staging of Chikamatsu’s masterpiece Shinju Ten no Amijima (The Love Suicides at Amijima). First produced in 2015 and freshly revived here in a new version, Kinoshita-Kabuki’s adaptation features perceptive revisions to the original text by Yuichi Kinoshita and emotionally powerful songs by director Yukinosuke Itoi. Don’t miss this unique musical staging of a Kabuki staple about love, the city, society, and the human condition.


2017.10.5 (THR) – 10.9 (MON)

Venue : North Hall

Oct. 5(Thu) 6(Fri) 7(Sat) 8(Sun) 9(Mon)
13:00     ◎(E) ◎(E)
18:00     ○(E)★ ○(E)★  



※Doors open 30 minutes before.
★=Post-show talk
(E)=English surtitled performance (visibility limited to certain seats)
◎=Childcare service available (¥1,000, limited availability, reservation required)
Tel: 075-212-7555 (weekdays: 9:30–17:30)
Reserve online or by email. Inquire for further information.


Written by

Chikamatsu Monzaemon

Supervision, Revisions

Yuichi Kinoshita

Director, Lyricist, Music Composer

Yukinosuke Itoi (FUKAI PRODUCE Hagoromo)

Music Director



Keisuke Hidaka, Kaya Ito, Saho Ito, Mikio Taketani, Kanako Nishida, Shinji Sawada, Kenji Yamauchi


Chikamatsu’s masterpiece is the tale of the Osaka paper merchant Jihei and the prostitute Koharu, who make a secret pact to commit suicide together. However, one day Jihei overhears Koharu confessing that she doesn’t want to die. Jihei angrily breaks off his relationship with Koharu, but what he doesn’t know is that Jihei’s wife, Osan, had asked her to deliberately drive him away. When Jihei learns the truth, he senses that Koharu actually intends to die alone. Though Jihei and Osan hope to save Koharu, Osan’s father, Gozaemon, appears and takes her away to the family home. That night, Jihei and Koharu leave together to carry out their agreement.


Stage Manager: Nobuaki Oshika
Stage Design: Jiro Shima
Lighting: Nami Nakayama
Sound: Yasutaka Kobayakawa
Costumes: Tomohide Ohno
Assistant Directors: Tetsuya Iwasawa, Chie Yamamichi
Production Coordinators: Tomoya Takeda, Azumi Komoto, Mai Hongo
Program Director: Yusuke Hashimoto


Presented by:ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation), Kyoto City

Planned and produced by:ROHM Theatre Kyoto, Kinoshita-Kabuki

Supported by:the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017


ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Tel: +81 (0)75-746-3201


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2017.6.10 (SAT)

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2017.6.17 (SAT)

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