ROHM Theatre Kyoto

Floor Map & Facilities

This is the floor map for ROHM Theatre Kyoto.

  • Click the floor map or “more” to view details of each facility.
  • All toilet facilities include multi-purpose toilets that are wheelchair-accessible.

Main Facilities

Floor Map Main Hall South Hall North Hall Park Plaza Promenade ROHM Square

Opening Times

Opening Hours

9:00 - 19:00

Closure Days

(Except for irregular maintenance days.)

Other Facilities

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms 2rooms

The conference rooms can seat 20 persons and are equipped with foldaway projectors and picture rails.

Dressing Rooms & Music Rooms 3rooms

Dressing Rooms & Music Rooms 3rooms

These highly soundproof rooms are ideal for piano lessons, chorus practice, and more.

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Building Management Office

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Office

This office functions as the management office until the theatre opens. It handles applications to use the facilities and other inquiries about the theatre.