Inviting young audiences aged 18 and below to L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima (The Golden Island) by the Théâtre du Soleil in Kyoto!

We are inviting young audiences aged 18 and below to see L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima (The Golden Island) by the Théâtre du Soleil at ROHM Theatre Kyoto on 4th and 5th November for free.
Please enjoy the splendid live performance filled with the powerful acting by the multi-national cast and the large-scale stage set, as well as spectacle sound and lights!

  • 1st point to see

    It is one of the best-known French theatre companies worldwide!

    In their 59th year, the Théâtre du Soleil are highly rated around the world in theatre and in the film industry. This is the first time they are coming to Kansai.

  • 2nd point to see

    This performance involves traditional and popular performances of Japan.

    The Théâtre du Soleil create their stage works referring to various performance cultures around the world and from different eras. This piece L’île d’Or Kanemujima also has its elements taken from Japanese traditional and popular performances. The performance will turn ROHM Theatre Kyoto into Kanemujima!

  • 3rd point to see

    This is a performance created by 65 multi-national and multi-cultural Théâtre du Soleil members with their own thoughts and feelings.

    The cast and crew members of the Théâtre du Soleil are multi-national. This piece has been created through the discussions by the members, who have different backgrounds and situations, and is packed with their thoughts and feelings towards what is happening around the world today. A performance with a cosmopolitan look, using nine different languages on stage, is worth seeing!

Date & Time: 2PM on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November 2023

Run time: 3 hours and 15 minutes including an interval

Venue: Main Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
* Played in French with multilingual scenes with Japanese subtitles.
* English subtitles available in 2F seating area.

■ Eligible person:

From 1st year of primary school to age 18 on the performance day.
*Please bring proof of age and present it at the venue.

■ How to apply:

Please apply from the following web-form.
Free invitation for 18 years old and under Application form

*You cannot select a seat.
*Your seat will be on the second floor with English subtitles.
*Please note that cancellation or alteration cannot be made once the application is received.

■ How to pick up your ticket:

Please pick up your ticket at the venue on the performance day. Proof of age will be required.
*If you are accompanied by people above age 19, they need to purchase the tickets separately. Please not that, because the seating areas for this free invitation and sold tickets are different, you may not be able to sit next to each other.

■ Inquiry:

ROHM Theatre Kyoto: TEL.075-771-6051

*If you require any special support, please let us know by e-mail to
Subject: L’île d’Or Kanemu-jima/Accessibility support
In the main text, please indicate necessary information that would help us to provide the support required.

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