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Platform for Thinking About Regional Challenges:

Work and Working

2021.12.17 (FRI)Dates: Autumn 2021–January 2022 (4 sessions)

North Hall
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Turning the theatre into a place for dialogue and reflection in the community
Thinking about work and working through talks and an artist presentation

Ongoing since 2017, Platform for Thinking About Regional Challenges has undertaken a range of initiatives in its aim to build two-way communication between the community and a theatre. This year, the project focuses on jobs and working—topics applicable to anyone in a local community—and explores perspectives and approaches we tend to overlook in everyday life through talks and discussions in the theatre.


2021.12.17 (FRI)Dates: Autumn 2021–January 2022 (4 sessions)

Venue : North Hall



Talk Series (3 Sessions)
Exploring a different theme related to jobs or working each time, this is a series of talks by experts or people working in the community.
Dates: July–December 2021
Venue: 3F Lobby

A short presentation by the theatre director and filmmaker Takuya Murakawa.
Date: January 2022


ROHM Theatre Kyoto TEL.075-746-3201


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Unreserved seating Talks: free Presentation: TBA