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“ASSEMBLY” Magazine

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  • “ASSEMBLY” Magazine

  • “ASSEMBLY” Magazine

This magazine is a tie-up with the Research Program and Thinking About the Now Talk Series, both ongoing since 2017 as part of the official ROHM Theatre Kyoto Program. It features articles by researchers participating in the Research Program. The second and third issues were published in fiscal 2018, while the fourth and fifth issues are planned for fiscal 2019.

Vol. 01 (published March 2018)  PDF
Vol. 02: Current State of Assembly (published December 2018) PDF
Vol. 03: Thinking About Children, children, and Kids (published March 2019) PDF
Vol. 04: The Dynamism of the Classics (published October 2019) (TBC)
Vol. 05: Tourism Today (published March 2020) (TBC)